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Driving Liquidity, Empowering Efficiency in Digital Asset Markets

Alpha3 Capital stands at the forefront of digital asset trading, pioneering advanced algorithmic solutions for a new era of finance. Our expertise fuels liquid and efficient markets across both centralized and decentralized platforms, as well as off-exchange venues. With a steadfast commitment to integrity and innovation, we ensure seamless trading experiences for our global clientele.

Why Choose Alpha3 Capital?

With a strategic base in Hong Kong, Alpha3 Capital stands as a leading market maker boutique firm, boasting a seasoned core team sourced from Tier 1 investment banks and illustrious crypto trading companies. 

Global Market Maker Expertise

Our team, with roots in Tier 1 investment banks and prominent crypto trading firms, brings world-class market making services to the table.

Organic Liquidity and Volume Increase

We're dedicated to boosting token projects and exchanges by increasing trading volume, ensuring price stability, and honing technical indicators.

Client-Centric Protection

 Clients enjoy fortified security with our comprehensive risk management tools, including trading risk consoles, position alerts, and transparent reporting.

Continuous Monitoring and Service

 Benefit from our 24/7 market monitoring and customer service, guaranteeing uninterrupted vigilance and exceptional support.

Comprehensive Exchange Support

Our extensive support spans Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges across multiple blockchain networks, facilitating fluid market participation.

About Alpha3 Capital:
Navigating Markets, Creating Liquidity, Building Trust.

Alpha3 Capital, a distinguished global market-making firm, combines deep financial expertise with the agility of cryptocurrency markets. Our core focus lies in providing digital asset market making, structured financial solutions, and precision algorithmic trading to enhance liquidity and market effectiveness.

Our diverse team of traders, quants, and analysts operates 24/7, delivering seamless support across various top-tier centralized and decentralized exchanges. At the heart of our operations is a commitment to client protection and data transparency. With state-of-the-art risk management and regular reporting, we ensure our clients' interests are always at the forefront.

Handling over a billion USD in monthly trading volume, Alpha3 Capital is a beacon of innovation and reliability in the financial trading space. For a partnership that prioritizes performance and trust, look no further than Alpha3 Capital.

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Ready to Propel Your Project's Liquidity into High Gear?

Don't let market stagnation hold back the potential of your project. Engage with Alpha3 Capital and grant your venture the fluidity it deserves. Our seasoned team of analysts is at the ready to tailor liquidity strategies that align with your unique objectives.


Contact Alpha3 Capital – Your Gateway to Enhanced Market Dynamics.

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